Player Documents

To qualify for the North Forsyth Junior Raiders feeder program, players must be districted to attend North Forsyth High School or they must have a parent that is a Forsyth County Teacher.

The following documents are required for verification:

1. Infinite Campus screenshot that includes the players picture, grade, and household address.

To create a copy:

  1. Logon to your players account in Infinite Campus (
  2. Click on the Household Information link on the left side navigation
  3. Create a screenshot - windows = ALT + Print Screen
  4. Paste the screen shot into a Word document or other word processor or graphics program
  5. Print the document

Infinite Campus Screenshot


2. Copy of Birth Certificate


3. Copy of a Utility Bill

The bill must include an address that is currently districted to attend North Forsyth High School and it must match the address in Infinite Campus. The picture below is just an example. Your bill may have a different format/layout.


4. Optional for Forsyth County School System Employees ONLY - Copy of Teacher ID

If you are a FC Teacher, your player can attend schools out of district. You must provide a copy of your ID. All other documentation requirements are still required for players that are children of Forsyth County School System employees.